Friday, September 16, 2011

How To Reduce Your Bills

* Today's article came to us through Sachin from who thought our readers might want to learn more about reducing their bills by saving energy. 

--  How to Reduce Your Bills --

If you are serious about saving money then you need to have a good look at where your money goes. A large portion of it goes towards bills, as well as other items like food, petrol and of course, rent or mortgage. We can't avoid paying our rent or mortgage, nor can we control the cost of petrol and we certainly have to eat. But our bills are one thing that we can adjust, with a little careful consideration as to how they can accumulate and what we can do to control them. Whether you save on electricity by installing solar panels for your home or putting in rain water tanks, you can take some positive steps towards reducing your household bills. Any adjustments or additions you make to your home to help curb your bills will also help increase its value, in case you decide to sell, in which case you would be needing to obtain the help from conveyancing services.

Reduce your electricity bill

We use electricity everyday and in today's world of technology it is virtually unavoidable. It powers our lights, our computers, our entertainment systems, our appliances that wash our clothes, clean our dishes and cook our food, and it also heats and cools our homes. The cost of electricity is steadily rising and is expected to continue to rise significantly in the future. Our electricity bills are one area that we can make a difference by simply watching our energy usage. Switch off appliances at the wall when they are not in use, switch to energy efficient light globes and when buying new appliances make sure they have a high energy saving rating.

Decrease your reliance on heating and cooling

There are a number of things you can do to decrease your reliance on your heating and cooling systems, which will in turn help reduce your energy consumption and your electricity bill. Having verandas or awnings over your windows will help keep windows shaded in summer which will then reduce the temperature within your rooms, leading you to rely less on air conditioning. Having proper curtains or blinds will also mean you can shut out the sun and the heat in summer and also trap the heat in winter, keeping your house much warmer. Also check that your home is well insulated and that there are no cracks or holes where cold air can get in.

Solar energy

Invest in solar panels for your home and save a lot of money on your power bills, as well as reducing your homes carbon footprint. The energy collected can run your hot water service as well as power your home and even heat a swimming pool. There is the initial cost of installing the panels but this will be paid back many times over with the money saved in electricity bills.

Water usage

Save water at home by installing rain water tanks so you don't have to rely on the usual water supply. Install water saving shower heads and even think about replacing your toilet for one that uses less water per flush. 

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