Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leave No Stone Unturned

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Today's special featured guest is:

Chitoka Webb is our featured guest of the day – who is currently a successful business owner, motivational speaker and author residing in Tennessee, USA.
Chitoka joins us to share her poignant, funny and inspiring life story from her humble beginnings as the daughter of a single mother holding her family together in the Nashville housing projects, to her rise as the CEO of several companies  - choosing to find love in herself and in others along a journey from the lowest valleys of misery to adrenaline-filled tops of personal and professional achievement.

With so many businesses to run – juggling numerous volunteer activities – writing books… and I’m sure she’d tell you of hundreds of other projects she’s either working on or working towards – Chitoka is certainly one woman who won’t be leaving any stones unturned in her life.

Check out the live show (10-11 AM Pacific) or access the archive show later on via:

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