Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Healthy Soil & Overcoming Obstacles

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 Sept 11-17 is also International Coastal Clean-up Week

* Composting: cleaning up the garbage crisis 

Our guest of the day canceled via email only this morning, so we're presenting a new contingency show for you... lol - today we'll offer an installment of the Best of 2007, where we feature some edited excerpts of our favorite interviews of that year. Today's topic will be on vermiculture (composts, with worms) with two Canadian experts in the field.

We'll start the show with: Cathy Nesbitt - founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters - believes worms are going to play an ever-increasing role in waste management and soil remediation. Learn about the importance of adding life back into the soil naturally and how worms can help divert 30% of our waste from the landfill. ...and then close the show with:  Children series author, Larraine Roulston, will discuss her desire to pass on worm composting knowledge to our children. We discuss her illustrated compost books and presentations for children.

Join us live at: 10-11 AM Pacific ...& drop into the live chat room if you have a chance.

*Today's episode will be archived, and will be available for anyone who cannot make the live broadcast.

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