Monday, September 12, 2011

World of Writing

-- World of Writing --

Today's guest, Ami Blackwelder, offers an interesting look at the how's and why's of her writing career:

My writing process is a lot like the author of Vampire Academy. Quiet and Alone! (ha, ha). I've heard of other writers say they turn the music up, or go to the beach, or enjoy a spot at the local coffee cafe. I've tried that and that one and...well, maybe it is me but I can't write with other people around. Its too distracting. I thought I was alone on this process. But after reading up on Vampire Academy, I learned she is exactly the same way! Thank goodness, I'm not alone. All I want is my laptop and a warm cup of tea. I might go to my porch or by my room window, but I don't want people walking around when I'm writing. Nothing personnel. I think to dive into that imagination, that creative quality, I have to be separate from the real world. 

Once alone and quiet, I spend time pondering the outline, the title, the chapter titles. I usually have title and chapter titles outlines fairly easily and beforehand. Covers soon follow. I spend time discovering characters and possible plot lines and  then I begin. I'm not particular about having a fixed outline before I write. I like to allow the characters to take the story into their own hands and I allow for that flexibility. In writing my new release Invasion of 2020, the first book in the Shifter Evolutions: books 1-6...I used all of the above. The characters were fun to write in this book, because I got to dive further into the initial motivations behind some of the main characters and minor characters who will change the world forever. ...Sometimes my Siamese cat Lotus jumps in and misspelled a word or two, but for the most part I write alone.

I've written five of the six books in this alien-shifter saga already. Readers begin with Shifters and then Hybrids and then choose to read either the past or future. Cool concept, huh? 

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