Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adobe, Cob, Straw-bale, Stack-wall...

-- Quote of the Day --

 “…Natural construction involves materials that can be harvest right off the building site in most cases. When you consider that the average home built now, the materials travel about 1500 miles, and some as far as 6000 miles… and you think about how much fuel it takes to transport that. …Natural buildings involve hardly any shipping. Adobe really is just clay, sand and straw that is shaped into bricks that are baked in the sun first. …Cob is pressed into the house as you go, so the wall is all in one piece. With adobe, the wall is stacked with these weak points in between the joints. Straw bale is a very sustainable alternative… Stack wall can involve earth bags… the advantage is that there is more thermal mass… and there is a cord-wood stack wall… I prefer not to use concrete because concrete is one of the biggest polluters in the industry.”

~ Chuck Hall

Today's quote comes to us from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio Show episode that aired back on Sept 1 - titled: Alternative Sustainable Buildings  (*Click on show title to access the full interview)

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