Friday, October 14, 2011

Changing Yourself

-- Quote of the Day --

“…If you are missing something, what happens is the energies that we radiate doesn’t connect …it is like you don’t show up on the radar. …Your energy has to change to bring that person (or situation) to you. …At the same time you need to treat people right, be honest in your dealings. And you can require that of other people, you can say ‘I want you to be respectful’, but I have to be respectful of myself. …If you respected yourself, you wouldn’t allow [bad situations] to exist in the first place. …The first thing we do when we reach a challenge is to wonder ‘what if’. And we create all that fear, but if we just face that fear it melts away and it ends up being not anywhere near what you thought it would be. … We always want validation along the way. 
But many things in life, you just don’t know [what the results are] until the last second. Yet we love validation and when we don’t get validation we start to push… or quit. So stop looking for validation since it is born out of fear.” 

~ Gary Spinell

Today's quote originates from the Aug 30th episode of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show with special guest: Gary Spinell 

Title: You Can Change the World (see link below)


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