Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Microclimates & Waste Reduction

-- Quote of the Day --

“…Microclimates are an area of your yard that may be cooler or warmer than other areas of the yard. …pay attention to what grows – Do you have weeds or flowers that come up sooner in the spring, or die down sooner, than other areas of your yard? A way to confirm this is to take a soil thermometer and …take the temperature and then another area, and take the temperature there – and all around the yard.  – Succession Crops is planting a crop right after another crop in order to keep the harvest going. …it allows you to get more out of your land.” 

~ Sheri Ann Richerson

Today's quote originates from the Sunday Gardening's Aug 14th episode featuring special guest, Sheri Ann Richerson. * Access the full discussion via the hyper-linked show title (above)

-- Conscious Living Event --

Oct 5 - 7

Recycling Council of Alberta - 2001 Waste Reduction Conference
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

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