Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Steel Frame Construction

--  Reasons Why You Should Build a Steel Frame Home --

Today's article came to us from Sachin of ... and offers some benefits to steel frame construction:

There are many benefits of having a steel frame home. You can easily build your own steel frame home as there are kit homes that come with a choice of either a timber or steel frames. By having a steel frame your finished home will still look exactly the same as a timber framed home, just with some added benefits. You can even make the usual improvements, like adding patios and a veranda.

Strong and lightweight

By having a steel frame work your kit home is both strong and lightweight. It will resist water and fire damage a lot better and the steel will also maintain its shape, unlike timber which can bow. Because of it's strength you don't have to have load baring walls, which means you can design your home to have rooms of any size or shape that you wish. By having a kit home with a steel frame it will give you the flexibility to have a home with large rooms and you can also pick a different design from a standard kit home. You will find that the strength of a steel frame stand up much better to storms and other fierce weather.

Pest resistant

If you choose to have a kit home with a steel frame you are also choosing a design that is also pest resistant. A timber frame can be damaged by termites which is extremely damaging to the entire structure of your home. Structural damage that is caused by pests can often lead to thousands of dollars damage and you may find it easier to just replace the damaged sections completely which would be very costly. Termites are small insects but they can do a lot of damage. If left too long this damage can get worse until it is too late. They feed on wood, such as the timber frames of houses, and live in large colonies meaning an infestation can completely destroy a home. If you have a kit home with a steel frame you will eliminate this problem.

Fire resistant

A steel frame work is also fire resistant, unlike a timber frame, so this means that if there is a house fire or a bush fire you will not have to rebuild your entire home if you are caught up in the fire. A steel frame will withstand a fire and when you go to rebuild you don't have to replace the frame, saving yourself a considerable amount of money.


Having a steel frame kit home is a much more affordable way build your own home. A steel frame is easy to construct and will come with instructions as to how to put it together. Having a kit home with a steel frame you will find it is easier for you to construct your home yourself. The steel will come delivered in the correct size pieces to put the frame work together and by following the instructions you can easily put together the framework. If you have any troubles constructed it contact the kit home company and they will be able to help you, otherwise you can hire a builder to do the work for you.


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