Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 -- Quote of the Day -- 

 "From your parents you learn love and laughter 
and how to put one foot in front of the other. 
But when books are opened you discover that you have wings"

~ Helen Hays

Just write:

Putting words on paper can be one of the greatest gifts we leave behind, so write - no matter what. Where-ever you are you know you have those characters, those scenes, those memories and experiences… they are always in your mind and you are mulling it over during every quiet moment in your day. Get it out there. You never know what kind of influence you can have out there on this planet, the difference you could make in someone’s life.
One of the most common ways that a person often talks himself or herself out of writing is that “their work will never be published”. So what? The words you write today in your memoir, for instance, could have a profound impact on the family, especially after you have passed on. The project you are working on today might just evolve over the years into something worthy of publishing, too – so don’t give up on a piece. It is important to keep your writings, you never know when you might need that special something for your next novel or character you are trying to develop – and that something just might be in your previous writings.
I know from personal experience that reading has taught me about the culture surrounding older generations, cultures that I could never fully understand without feeling it through reading. It has enabled me to build things and grow greenery and improve my career. Whereas writing helped me overcome the neglect and abuse I experienced as a child, and develop strong relationships with others. This gift opens up a world of understanding for ourselves, our place in this world, the society we live in. 
Writing provides a way for the average individual to make a lasting, positive difference with the time we are given. So when you are writing, just write for writing’s sake. Sometimes we have to set aside the editor in us and just write – get it out – you can always come back and fine-tune the piece. Allow the emotions and words to flow without destructive inner criticism. And remember - each person has their own experiences, their own skills and knowledge that can easily benefit another and if it isn’t written down it can be lost forever.

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