Saturday, November 19, 2011

Conscious Business

-- Celebrating Conscious Business --

I read some information recently about some very conscious business inovations, two companies highlighted today - who have collaborated to reduce waste.

Over the past two years, Tim Hortons has been working with Scotia Recycling Limited to collect cups at all 156 traditional Tim Hortons restaurants across Nova Scotia and deliver them to Hantsport-based paper product manufacturer CKF Inc. Initially cups were blended with other waste papers and made into a variety of paper products, helping divert Tim Hortons cups from municipal landfills across the province. Now, Tim Hortons and CKF have established a process that converts the cups into take-out trays used at Tim Hortons restaurants and other products, effectively closing the loop on the company's hot beverage cup recycling process in Nova Scotia. The Cup-to-Tray program has the capacity to recycle 100 per cent of Tim Hortons' annual Nova Scotia cup inventory… more than 650 of these Canadian restaurants in are now offering cup-recycling and composting programs.

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