Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Defining the Referral Corner for Readers

-- Special Note to our Readers :) --

I've been receiving a lot of emails as of late - asking about the Referral Corner, a regular posting (about once per week) published here on the blog where we celebrate mostly non-profit, and non-religious, organizations that are doing incredible work across the planet...

So in hopes of clearing up the confusion... I've decided to clarify (above) what the Referral Corner is about ... which is really a way of spreading the word about recommended resources that I think our audience here would be interested in learning of.

The last two postings can be found at:

and :

We are always looking for new resources and non-profits to share with our audience, so if you know of a fantastic organization - you are welcome to send the information our way and if it suits our audience here we'd be happy to help spread the word about their work.

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