Thursday, November 17, 2011


-- Plastics --

In a an article published back in October via: Plastics News (, it was reported that Canada’s top five grocery chains have announced that they will require suppliers to shift to PET for clamshell thermoformed packaging in a move designed to simplify the product stream and increase recycling. 
Right now, there are 5.8 billion pounds of [thermoformed] packaging going into landfills in North America each year. Our goal is to facilitate the recycling of that material,” said Guy McGuffin, VP of sustainable packaging for Wal-Mart Canada.   
The idea is to move away from materials that are not easily recycled and into materials that are more easily recycled. If we work together, we believe we can recover that 5.8 billion pounds, which would be a fantastic result.”  

Pushing for PET and eliminating, as much as possible, “look-alike” plastics which complicate recovery (and discourage both municipal collectors and recyclers from taking clam-shell containers), the many large retailers that involved in this program say their initiative will open the “floodgates” for increased thermoformed PET collection and reuse.

 -- Conscious Living Event --

Nov 17

Learn how zero waste initiatives create jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities... how businesses can save money with several meeting being held on this day:

Location: 300 North Coast Higway - Civic Center Community Rooms (California, USA)

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