Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Power of Choice

-- Quote of the Day --

“We all make decisions in our life we wish we could reverse or attempt to do again. We all have endured hurtful actions from others. Today, and every day, we can make a conscious choice and decision to either let the pain from prior experiences continue to beat us down or we can rise up beyond the pain and move on to a happier life” 

~ Gary Spinell, It Was You All Along

-- Electric Cars --
Here’s something interesting – I read recently in the Japan for Sustainability Newsletter about an electric car used at the Tokyo Dome that is charged by peddling bicycles was used  to parade the baseball teams Most-Valuable-Player around the field during one of their events. The batteries were charged by 5 stationary bikes, pedaled by volunteers who took shifts in rotation during each inning, and in exchange the participants received free admission, free non-alcohol drinks, and some gift packages in exchange.

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