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World of Writing - interview

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Yes, it is time for another World of Writing interview on this blog... this time we have a very special featured guest lined up for you.

 Meet Nunzio Addabbo (based in Arizona, USA) -  a retired engineering and construction management consultant, with 45 years experience on major worldwide projects. He authored three and co-authored two, all non-fiction, books in 5 genres: Technical; True Crime; Cooking; Radio, and, Extraterrestrials.  This interview covers his co-authored book, with his wife, TARGET*JFK* (, where you will learn why he was an assassination target and who really shot President Kennedy.  Find out more about Nunzio via:, or

Q: What have you learned about working with your spouse (co-writer)?

Nunzio: Elizabeth, my unforgettable wife, and I were always on the same wave-length. We had a relationship made in heaven. She always had the answers I couldn’t answer and I could always fill-in her blanks. I learned I should have taken some typing lessons. She could type with her eyes shut.

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced in writing your books?

Nunzio: The biggest challenge was keeping our writing down to four hours per day. Everything we did was planned. The only business and writing disruptions were our unexpected illnesses. We each developed cancer. Elizabeth died of ovarian cancer in December 2003.

Q: Are you satisfied with your (career, publisher, agent, publicist, co-writer)?

Nunzio: Engineering and Intelligence was my long and successful career----and writing remains my passion. Elizabeth, a certified genius, was my loving wife, co-author and agent, while I handled publicity.  Our publisher, Third Millennium Publishers, has always provided timely, friendly and professional service. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Q: What are some of your favorite writer’ resources?

Nunzio: As seasoned writers we relied mostly on hands-on life experiences, backed-up with extensive traveling, a house full of books and some selective internet searching. In the preparation of Target*JFK*, we saw photographs, we transcribed tapes, ledgers, phone records and notes written on paper napkins. We also had direct contact with involved individuals.  

Q: Tell us about your journey to publication… (How long have you been writing? Why did you decide to pursue writing?)

Nunzio: As an amateur radio operator, I began collecting unusual true radio stories since 1950, at which time I decided to publish them when I had enough stories. It took 58 years to collect and publish those stories in 2008. Writing my book TARGET*JFK* was necessary due to my unexpected  involvement in the JFK conspiracy and revealing why the Warren Commission Report was a monumental cover-up. This book re-writes history.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

Nunzio: Elizabeth’s favorite authors were Jane Austen (her Pride and Prejudice)  and Louis L’ Amour.  Louis once told Elizabeth, during a college writer’s class: “Remember, never use a long word, when a short one will be understood by everyone.”   
My favorite authors are F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose stories generally relied on his exciting life experiences----as in The Great Gatsby and Beloved Infidel; and Tom Clancy, because he always does his homework before writing technical data.     

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