Friday, February 24, 2012

Of Pets and Behavior

-- Quote of the Day --

“So often we let the pain come through and the reflection of (how we were previously hurt) that moment rather than the love that we saw (in that moment as well). So I think it is important that we really consider whether we are making decisions based on how we were previously hurt or are we really giving life and opportunities a chance rather than thinking about what was or what couldn’t be. …So often as humans we tend to beat ourselves up something fierce about something we can’t do very much about, but it is so important for us to allow ourselves to just breathe …Now the question is – Now that we know …what are we going to do with that information? …Ask yourself  ‘How’s that (behavior) working for you?’. …How you are thinking and viewing a situation makes a world of difference.” 

~ Nathaniel Williams

Today's quote orignates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show titled: Reaching for Your Personal Best

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-- Brummet's In the Media --

Join me for a live discussion with the host, Glo Rod, about pet adoption from rescue groups on the A Variety of Pets radio show today, Feb 24, @ 10 AM CST (9 AM Mountain / 8 AM Pacific) for 1/2 hour.

This radio episode will be archived for those who cannot make the live broadcast:

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