Monday, March 5, 2012

Conscious, Courteous Business

-- Quote of the Day --

“…The lack of courtesy in the workplace costs US businesses over $300 billion dollars a year – and employees being absent more often, taking up more sick days, …the lack of productivity. …Those kinds of things really cost. …We need to establish a workplace environment of nothing but respect. …People need to recognize that they are not working with other employees – they are working with other human beings. …We are all people and if we all pool together and act like a team, that is when this wonderful ripple effect is going to spread. People will begin to think less about themselves first, and more about the other people. …It is about making other people around you comfortable. 
…People want to be recognized and appreciated.”

~ Anthonette Klinkerman

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-- Positive News --

Hidden Resources sent us a note on how Kraft (who produces Nabisco and Triscuit, Kool-aid, Tang, Maxwell House, Cornnuts, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and the famous macaroni and cheese products, among many others) has now reached a higher level in their goal to zero waste for their plants that can be found all over the world. 

They are now able to recycle or reuse 90% of manufacturing waste at most of their plants; 12 of their US-based plants no longer send any waste to landfills at all. 

They are able to do this by diverting byproducts to create energy, reusing pallets and coffee bags, sending food waste out for reuse as animal feed or composting, and plastics to reuse plants that convert the waste into bags and buckets.     

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