Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fairy Tale Blog Hop Contest

-- Fairy Tale Blog Hop Contest --

We are thrilled to participate in another blog hop contest along with more than a hundred other bloggers who are also offering prizes. This contest will be going on from April 26th - May 1st (midnight)

To find other bloggers offering contests for a variety of prizes during this time frame go to:
I've decided to offer a set of 6 bookmarks as a prize this week since we don't personally write in the fairy tale genre and most readers can find a use for bookmarks :) These bookmarks are printed on 100% recycled content paper stock and with 100% veggie inks. They were printed by a company that is only 8 hours away from our city (by car) and were delivered to us by Greyhound. The bookmarks feature photography, and were designed by graphic artist - Dave Brummet.

We will start by offering a package of 6 bookmarks for this contest, however we may offer this to 2 winners if we get a lot of interest. The last contest we held for bookmarks resulted in 72 entries, and so we chose 2 winners. So depending on the results we might do the same for this contest. 


Simply enter a comment below on this post. Be sure to leave your email address in the post so we can contact the winner and arrange to send you an e-book version of Towards Understanding. 

* If you have difficulty leaving a comment you can email your entry to: ldbrummet(@)yahoo(dot)com
Q: Why do you choose to spend more on promotion materials like bookmarks, rather than going for a cheaper option?
A: It is important for us to stand up for what we believe in with ever purchase or action we take. By purchasing eco-bookmarks we are ensuring that we are supporting a conscious printer and reduce the impact our work has on the environment. The bookmarks we chose to produce are of high quality and will last for quite a number of years - and this long life is also very important to us.

Q: What is the impact these bookmarks have had?
A: By choosing to order a batch of 2000 bookmarks (the # we order each time) from this conscious printer, over other printers, we have saved .15 trees, .42 lbs of water-borne waste, 62.34 gallons of water use, 6.91 lbs of solid waste, 13.58 lbs of greenhouse gases prevented from entering the atmosphere, and 104K (BTU) of energy saved as well. 

Q: Do you believe that authors can have a "green" impact on the world of writing?

A: Absolutely. We feel that every dollar we spend is a vote on the future of our society - and so we only purchase things that we believe in. We also donate copies of our books to school libraries, and to non-profit fundraiser events as well as local literacy groups. Whenever we work with a publisher, printer, magazine, or go to advertise with any print publication - we look at their recycled content, and how conscious they are before deciding on whether to work with them or not. This has a ripple effect in the industry, creating higher demand for conscious ethics. 

Q: Who is your favorite Fairy Tale creature?

A: I have this really worn, old book that was given to my mother when she was a child by her aunt. I inherited this when my mother passed away a couple Xmas's ago and I cherish it for so many reasons - one of these is that I have fond memories of reading it when I was very young. It is about a young lady chicken who lived near some foxes - the husband fox was nagged constantly to find food and he tried to capture the chicken, but she got away by using her brain to come up with an escape plan. The book's title: The Little Small Red Hen

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  9. We just love offering these contests and are so glad to see new people interested in what we do because of them. Thanks to all who dropped by our blog for this particular contest... the winner was Tabitha. We do have another contest going on right now so be sure to check it out!


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