Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inspiring videos

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“…Focus and go within to identify that voice within – and access that rather than the ego – that crazy screeching voice. …Accepting what happened in our lives, rather than resisting what happened – and our attitude will change and the past will no longer have the weight it used to have. …Identification of the self-sabotaging behaviors; enables you to set a powerful intention.  …We have to be conscious of what we are thinking because our thoughts will manifest in our lives. …Helping and healing are the final steps – once we’ve healed and learned the skills, we need to help others by sharing our message. …What matters most is what you think of yourself; not what the ads or commercials tell us. Materialism does not bring us joy.”

~ Mal Duane

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-- Referral Corner --

It has been a while since we posted up a new Referral Corner here on our blog due to the incredible amount of content we have... and only one post per day! - lol -  For those of you who are not already aware, Referral Corner is where we highlight incredible resources that we feel our readers would be inspired by and perhaps interested in networking or promoting their work.

Today I'd like to focus on some videos that have been passed on to us by others... 

Composting in Prison:

Interview with a 108 year old optimistic woman still lives on her own without assistance in her London flat where she practices piano up to 3 hours every single day! Such an inspiring story!

Dog Rescue: apparently the dog in this video was not known to the rescuers nor the person who heard it screaming from his house. The poor thing was left to wander on its own and ended up on some thin ice, then in a creek. By the time they rescued the dog, it was so exhausted it could hardly move. The people took such care with the dog and handled him so gently - it is truly inspiring/

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