Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Saving Water

-- Quote of the Day --

“…What happens with the minerals is that they have to be in a certain size in order to be absorbed by plants… so those minerals cannot be chunks of rocks thrown on the ground, they have to be broken down. And that comes from the worms, acids and bacteria in the soil – but if you are using chemicals, you are killing all those things that break down the minerals. …Every location is different – so try to get soil tests done in a local university because they know what is going on in the local soil. …Soil is formed from minerals, water, air and organic material – and each of these things can be enhanced. …We should be able to keep our body as healthy as possible to allow the liver to metabolize with these toxins – because there has always been toxins – so we should concentrate in being healthy at the core.”

~ Carolyn Dean

Today's quote was taken from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show episode titled: Nutrition & Soil Depletion

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 -- Water Conservation --

April is the time of year when people are looking at more ways to conserve water so that the summer and fall months are more comfortable. There are some really easy, simple things we can do at home and around the office that don't require a lot of money or even to make great changes in our lifestyle. We offer dozens of tips for this in our book Trash Talk Vol 2, however here's one thing we can do today:

Did you know that toilets use the most water, 30% of household water use? Or that the average toilet in North America is flushed 10 times per day?

Older toilets from 1980 and back use 20 liters of water, the 1990 versions use 13 liters… however modern toilets use only 6 liters. 

There are also dual flush versions that use even less water (3 L for liquid waste, 6 for solids). 

So by upgrading - you can save anywhere between 170 and 70 liters of water a day for every toilet you upgrade.

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