Sunday, May 20, 2012

True Heroism

-- Quote of the Day --

"Being fully alive to life is truly a heroic act. Many of us think heroism means rescuing people from burning buildings or being daring in wartime. Instead, heroism is an everyday affair. For some of us, getting up in the morning and facing another day is a heroic act. For others, changing jobs, losing
jobs, or living with health problems, or staying in a relationship or managing on limited funds or facing the loss of a loved one is a heroic act. We have many opportunities to be heroes in our daily lives. The heroism of which I speak is the courage to be fully alive to life, regardless of our circumstances."

~ Judy Tatelbaum, American author/therapist

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

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Apologies - Today's guest was a no-show. 

...I work with guests a month or sometimes several months prior to their scheduled appearance and then put in a minimum of 5 hours doing research, scheduling, preparing the outline for the show, registering it with the radio station, numerous communications with the guest and/or their publicist, and promoting the show. So it can be frustrating as a host to have last minute desperation emails sent from publicists or guests saying things like they didn't know what time zone it was going to be or when to call in, etc when all that information was sent to them. I kind of expect the guest to read the emails I send them and to have their end of things straight prior to air time. Anyway the guest (Susan Dean) tried to call in via Skype just before the show went and she couldn't get in the switchboard for some reason, so I tried to call the # the publicist provided for Susan only to find it was a wrong number. Talk about a waste of time, for all of us. 

Anyway the reason why I'm discussing this here on the blog is to give a heads up to anyone looking to work with the media. Do your research, visit their site and read their guidelines, and read the emails you are sent - make sure you write down the # you are to call and know your time zone. Try to have a back up plan in case Skype isn't working for you, such as using a phone to call in to the switchboard instead. It makes for a warmer, happier relationship with the media. :)

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