Saturday, June 23, 2012

Of Animal Rescue & Bio-Energy

-- Quote of the Day  -- 

“…When we first walked into the rescue center it was just surreal, because there were nearly 19,000 oiled penguins in this massive warehouse that had been set up as a temporary animal hospital in only 3 days time. …The volunteers that came were from every walk of life and everybody was so earnest, so eager to do what they could to help. …We had the largest animal rescue ever taken and the highest success rate – a wonderful tribute to the 12,500 volunteers that showed up to save them. …There are tens of thousands of ships – many of them from WW2 – lying on the bottom of the ocean, and there are recreational and fishing vessels. And what happens is there is oil and fuel in these ships and some of this is released during the sinking, but over time as corrosion takes its toll and metal begins to break down this oil is released. And so these mystery oil spills have an impact on the environment as well.” 

~ Dyan DeNapoli 

Today's quote was excerpted from a recent Conscious Discussions Talk Radio Show episode titled:  Penguin Rescue (Click on title to access the full interview)

-- Positive News -- 

Natural gas is a better alternative to coal power energy sources as there is a much lighter environmental footprint with Natural Gas… however renewable natural gas comes from gases collected from composting organic waste in landfills, farm sites and composting facilities. 

Collecting this gas prevents it from entering the atmosphere which eliminates the impact on the planet those gases would have had, and also converts it to energy – reducing our dependence on other energy sources. 

Because organics and landfills will always exist, it is a renewable energy and is one way we can become a more sustainable society.

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