Friday, July 6, 2012

Referral Corner; animals

 -- Quote of the Day --

“…One of the ways dogs can help seniors is providing them with companionship; it is extremely therapeutic for them. …A lot of hospitals actually use dogs in their pet therapy in their programs because it really creates a sense of stability having that dog around. …We have to look at the time we have available; certain breeds of dogs have behavioral habits. …When you learn more about the animal you are considering adopting so that you can allow that pet to be the best that they can be. …Do you live in the right area for that breed? …So calling different breeders and rescue organizations to learn how your household is set up to see if it is appropriate for that breed. …We called in a behavior therapist and we discovered that Toby needed a job; so we looked at pet assisted programs for Toby and he had to go through a series of tests – and he aced all the tests. It was so interesting because here we had this dog who was breaking toilets (and destroying closets) at home and he aced these tests. …Here’s this dog who would wake us up with this happy dance every day and he always stepped out with so much passion each day – which is a great lesson for us all.

~ Charmaine Hammond

Today’s quote came from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Therapy Dogs (*Click on the title to access the full discussion) 

-- Referral Corner  --

Yes, it is time for another list of recommended resources for you to check out as time allows - and you guessed it right - our theme today will be on animals and wildlife.

The Earthwatch Institute supports research efforts for various projects throughout the world. You can volunteer for a variety of projects in your back yard or as far away as on Robben Island in South Africa to help monitor the population and breeding success of the African penguins, which are listed as a threatened species. 

London Wildlife is dedicated to prtecting wild spaces and engaging communities in nature reserves, volunteering, campaigning, and outdoor activities. For over 30 years their volunteers have worked tirelessly to save wild-spaces that would have been covered over by pavement or buildings - and continue to maintain them for the public to enjoy.

Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of BC is a way for organizations to pool their efforts, connections, tools, resources, skills and volunteers as a network across the province of BC (Canada). The organization works to enhance the chances of release back to the wild after rehabilitation, as opposed to a lifetime in cages and expensive hands-on life-long maintenance of rescued animals.

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    1. Hi! - thanks for the wonderful comment! I think that is a great idea, especially for new pets or pets with anxiety disorders - it will help you realize what they do when you are not home and can give some insight as to what triggers upset them, etc. Great idea!

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