Friday, August 10, 2012

Wind Power

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"Challenges are what make life interesting; 
overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

 ~ Joshua J. Marine

-- Wind Power -- 

Many countries are now investing in wind turbine technology, helping it become more efficient and planet friendly. Companies, too, are joining hands iwth the industry... According to, Watami - a large Japanese restaurant chain -  has partnered with a local wind power project to build a wind turbine, increasing its use of renewable energy and reducing its carbon dioxide. 

Everything from changing wind patterns, gale wind forces, storms and wildlife migration are being examined and that information is constantly improving the technology. Experimenting with self-adjusting blades, folding blades, colors and now... floating wind farms.

Floating wind farms are now being used to enable multi-use of  ocean space because interestingly, it doesn’t interrupt fisheries, or protected habitat. If they are put out far enough from shorelines, they won't be disturbing views either. 

According to a report on placing wind farms on the ocean takes advantage of stronger, more consistant winds. It provides an opportuinity to access green energy for countries with limited land resources as well.

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  1. The BBC are right, wind turbines at sea can take advantage of more prevailing winds, whipped up from the shores and coastlines. Wind speeds at open sea are much higher, having no air interference. The smaller wind turbines that you see on houses and offices are nowhere near as energy efficient, companies like struggle to sell them in built-up areas because of their inefficiency.

  2. It is true that placing wind farms on ocean is an advantage, as wind in the deepwater part of the ocean is stronger than near-shore winds. They can harvest the energy from high winds without interfering with shipping path or coastal views. I think in the near future, floating wind turbines can be one of the primary power sources of the countries, especially those who are near vast bodies of water.


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