Monday, October 29, 2012

Contest! Get Bookmarks!

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“…There is a fine line between asking them to be their best and asking them to be the best. So try and be more compassionate and help them recognize their unique gifts, their unique skills… their decision making, an action they took on their own. …one of the most effective tools for recognizing self limiting thought patterns is to write down a dream – something you really want to do and on one side write down all the things that you can think of that will never make that dream happen; and then read what you have written. And then rewrite those negative beliefs to be more positive. …Every second of every day is a new start. Let go of those who have hurt you, forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, give yourself a new slate as often as you can – be the person you want to be today and live in the present. ”

~ Maggie Steele

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on titled: Helping Youth CreateFulfilled Lives

 (*Click on the title to access the full discussion)

-- Contest ! -- 

 Yes it is time for another contest for our blog readers! We'll be doing a draw for a package of two different styles of 6 eco-friendly bookmarks. See samples of what these bookmarks will look like via the "portfolio page of our site:

These bookmarks are printed on between 50 and 100% recycled content material, with all veggie inks (some soy inks still contain petroleum oil). They are designed by Dave Brummet using images from his nature photos of the Kootenay region of BC, Canada.

To enter the draw:

Simply leave a comment here on this blog post, along with your email address so that we can contact the winner. i.e. {ldbrummet(at)yahoo(dot)com}
Your email address will be used only for this contest.
*Entrants must be residents of North America - due to shipping costs. Deadline: Nov 4th.

Also, if you feel that you are enjoying what you see here on this blog - please do feel free to subscribe to it (free) or share it with your friends via those social networking buttons you see at the bottom of every post. 

Feel free to tell others about this contest... anyone visiting our blog can enter. 

 -- Conscious Living Events -- 

Oct 29 – Municipal Waste Association Fall Workshop
Location: Barrie ON – Canada

Oct 29 – CCOHS National Health & Safety Conference
Location: Halifax, NS – Canada

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