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“Regardless of the new technologies that come and go, strategy is the one thing that will remain constant and knowing how to formulate, create a strategy that is long term – not just something that generates income in the short term. …Researching demographics and buying patterns and knowing who the audience is and being able to pinpoint who a potential customer may be 
…[Todays] marketing really is so much more than just putting an ad together it has to take into consideration the features and benefits of the product, the pricing strategy, how it is being distributed. 
...A common definition of work ethics – a trainable set of values and behaviors – The seven values and behaviors are: positivity, reliability, professionalism, initiative, integrity, respect for authority, and gratitude ”

~ Joshua Casto
Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Business Work Ethics

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Feasibility of Renewable Energy

* Today's article comes to us from Liz Karschner, who writes for the SEPCO – Solar Electric Power Company’s blog and is active in the renewable energy and green movement here in the US and Worldwide.

I've had this same comic on my poster board here at work for almost 5 years now and it makes me laugh every time I look at it. "Solar and Wind isn't feasible"...says who? Other countries are investing a ton on money into renewable energy every year and it is paying off not only with the environment, but financially as well. So why let big oil keep telling us that renewable energy such as wind and solar are not feasible?

Is solar and wind power still expensive? Yes, the initial purchase is more expensive than just staying on the grid and using cheaper, non-renewable forms of energy. But what is that going to cost us in the long run. Clean water? Clean air? Good food? I mean really, if we are not able to get clean air and water, our crops and farm animals will get the same dirty water and air that we get, making the produce and meat dirty just the same.

What about the payback period? Without the help of state and federal incentives, the payback period can be long, up to 10 years or more. If you are one of the lucky ones that get one of the incentives, your payback period is much shorter, but there is a still high out-of-pocket expense. So what can you do to make this more feasible?
  1. Supply and Demand - Supply is there, but demand is still low, driving prices down. Hopefully soon there will be that perfect medium where prices make solar more affordable and keep the supply going.
  2. Financing - There are a lot of companies out there providing financing for alternative energy. Instead of paying the local utility company for the next 10 / 15 / 20 years, take that money and roll it into a loan for the solar or wind energy. In the end you will own your own power source.

  3. Switch to Efficiency - By implementing the most efficient appliances and lighting options available, the amount of solar and wind power will be less, lowering the price in the end. Even installing better insulation and enclosures such as windows and doors will improve the overall efficiency of your business or home.
  4. Use Less - Become more efficient in your daily life. Purchase only what you need, use task specific lighting instead of lighting the whole house or room, only run items that is currently needed and cut the power to those that are needed, and use items for multiple purposes if possible like charging your smart phone while sitting at the computer from the USB.
In the end, we can take some of the money out of big oil's pockets, put it back in our own, and prove them wrong on their theory of how renewable energy isn't feasible. What other ways can we take back out power?

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