Monday, November 12, 2012

Algae - Promising a Healthier Planet

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“I was on an airplane once and one of the engines blew up – there were flames on one side of the plane, but the flames were put out and the pilot came back and said we lost one of the engines, the fire was put out and they are going back to land and do repairs. …The thing was that it was not a catastrophe – the pilot knew how to deal with that kind of stuff, because they had trained for it, even though it is a very rare thing for engines to blow up on planes these days. …People too need to test out and train for things in a safe environment before real lives and careers are on the line. …There are these other things that are constant presences in our lives trying to tell us what to do, what we have to do is to consciously choose which of those things we want to welcome in our lives and what we want to do with that. …When we learn from what other people have done – who we choose to look at makes a difference.”

~ Mark Chussil

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on … titled: Living Consciously

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-- Positive News -- 

We've been hearing a lot about new phytoplancton that scientists are exploring for a variety of benefits from producing oil,  creating habitat, clean waste water, provide nutrient rich food for humans and ocean life, and also for absorbing greenhouse gases.

I wanted to pass on to you a few very interesting resources for learning more about how people are looking at working with algae to improve conditions on this planet:

 -- Conscious Living Event -- 

November 12 - 15, 2012

Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo 2012

Location: Toronto, Ontario


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