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“Using ‘I’ statements: My perspective on this is different than yours’ rather than ‘you are wrong; that is stupid, I disagree’. It is useful to be self-observant to see what has triggered you and how you can explore the other person’s perspective. So you can say ‘gosh, that is so different from the way I am thinking about it – how did you get to your point of view’ So instead of being all fired up about getting air time with my point of view – is to stop, reflect, and get curious as to how they came to their conclusion. Once people feel like they are being heard and taken seriously they will be much more open to hearing your point of view.”

Suzanne Frindt

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on … titled: Be An Agent for PositiveChange

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 Utilizing Instagram for Marketing

* Today's article was submitted our way via:  Tommy Stretton of: - A site to go to and get more likes. I've not personally used this service but thought it offered some interesting advantages that our readers may want to utilize.

In a competitive market as it is, a business must ensure they are doing all that they can do in order to succeed. There are several businesses who utilize social media in order to reach their intended audience. They are going to find there are tons of social media sites to utilize; however, Instagram is becoming a highly popular business tool among those businesses out there.

What is Instagram?
Instagram is an application, which can be used with Android operating systems and other compatible operating systems. It allows a person to take a picture, tag this picture and then share it among their social networks. For a business, this can open up a completely new line of consumers they never thought they would reach. With this being said, Instagram can be a vital marketing tool.

Marketing with Instagram
There are several ways in which a business can utilize Instagram in order to make this a marketing technique, which works. First off, they can market their own products or services through taking pictures and posting these to other social media sites. For example, a business who provides consumers with the latest technological gadgets are going to want to take pictures of these gadgets as they arrive in order to get the word out to the public they are here to purchase. Through Instagram, no longer does the business have to come up with a press release; they can simply release a picture and get the attention of the audience.
Secondly, the most common marketing method used with Instagram is the ability to allow other people to post pictures about events the business is hosting and the like. This leads to full involvement among those who are working with the business and can generate more likes among the company’s Instagram followers. With this being said, a company can buy Instagram followers if they want to start off with a few people already following their company.

Does it Work?
The main question businesses have before utilizing this tactic is if this is really going to work for them. Those who start out may find the option to buy Instagram likes a great option, and this allows them to get a head start. With this in mind, when adding on this marketing plan, a business will find success with their overall marketing. Instagram is becoming more widespread than what anyone imagined. This is because it utilizes social media sites in which all consumers are already using. There is no reason for a business to not look into how they can maximize these free tools they have at their disposal for their marketing gains.
Those companies who do utilize this method are going to find their business could increase up to thirty percent thanks to the help of a few pictures and placed keywords. This can mean beating the competition and developing a consumer base full of loyal customers to the company no matter what. It is this that can help a business to stay afloat in a disastrous economy.

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