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World of Writing, interview

-- Quote of the Day --

“You have to look at your business model is. If you are a speaker and you are going to be selling books at the back of the room, of course you are going to want to self-publish. Let’s say you are writing a memoir about your experiences in juvenile detention and you want to sell your book to juvenile detentions across the country  – that is special market sales so you’ll want to self-publish. If you are writing a novel, you may want to utilize an agent that specializes in novels. …If you don’t get an agent or a publisher right away, don’t be afraid to put your book out as an e-book. …If you believe in yourself, just do it.”

~ Antoinette Kuritz

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on … titled: World of Writing

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 -- World of Writing, Interview --
Born in 1950, Kaolin (formerly Patricia A. Graham - Williams) later enjoyed a mixed race marriage and raised two wonderful children. Her work as a vocalist, political activist and writer fulfills her passions. She is very passionate about eliminating racism in the world. Her debut book has been out since 2010 and since then she has been a guest on numerous radio programs, run workshops, designed training guides, a study guide for a documentary about racism, and in the middle of all of this she finds time to write book reviews.  Drop in her site to learn more about her work:

Q: Let’s start by having you tell us something about yourself.

A: Hi! I am a native Brooklynite who now resides in Massachusetts and the celebrated author of Talking About Race: A Workbook About White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives.  This book empowers Caucasian audiences to reflect and unearth their position of privilege, in an effort to foster racial equality. I am also is a mother, teacher, a social worker, performer, consultant, activist.

Q: Did you choose writing as a profession, or did it choose you?

A: Writing chose me. I believe one writes because they have to. It's in our DNA.

Q: What are common mistakes authors make?

A: I think the most common mistake is that authors might end up believing their work is done when it has really just begun. Once you are an author your work and abilities grow and there is so much more to do to promote your work. Communication on many levels, and in many capacities, is imperative - so be prepared to grow and learn as much as possible!

Q: What are your greatest obstacles and motivators when it comes to writing?

A: With regard to obstacles it would be time management. And with regard to motivators, simply remaining committed to my work regardless of obstacles is necessary, even at the exclusion of participating in other kinds of activities.

Q: What is your favorite memory in your career as a writer?

A: Getting the email from my publisher that he accepted my manuscript!

Q: In the editing and re-writing process prior to publication, did you have to delete a portion of the book that you wish could have been included?

A: My manuscript was much longer but I expected it to be a shorter book and simply wanted the publisher/editor to have a lot of room regarding the work. I also knew I would be able to get whatever was not included in this book in other publications. In the editing and re-writing stage prior to publication, which was a fascinating processI learned so much and had a full voice in decision-making so my book is what I wanted it to be!

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