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World of Writing, interview

-- World of Writing, interview -- 

Born and raised in New Jersey, Patricia R. Blumhagen, now lives in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. An Interfaith Minister and mid-wife for birthing the soul, Patricia has been on a spiritual quest for many years. As a spiritual coach, her work is healing with words to awaken the Divine within. She listens with the heart to understand the deeper meaning of the words that are spoken. With compassion and acceptance she gently guides others towards understanding what might be preventing them from experiencing their true self. Patricia also enjoys teaching about the health benefits of herbs, while managing a herb garden in the Berkshires. Patricia is the author of: Winter’s Mystery-Time to Go Within: Spiritual Journeying. Today she’ll speak about her passion for writing, and poetry in particular.    Visit Patricia via her site:

Q: What is your writer life philosophy?
“Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies-it remains just a grain...” if I do not experience life in all of its ups and downs I shall die. When I let go of the false self and embark upon the hero’s journey I experience wholeness. “Into each life some rain must fall”...but after the rain the sun shines and the seed’s potential comes forth. This process of the soul’s growth through darkness towards light is essential for seeking the meaning of life and why I am here, more it offers hope to another in their dark night of the soul.

Q: Would you consider self-publishing options?

Yes, I would and have self-published my collection of transformational poetry. I feel traditional publishing is too confining for me and being an out of the box person it would suppress my creativity. I prefer to follow my inner guide rather then the roadmap of another. The process of going within to seek out my own authority is more empowering and yes, it is difficult and requires courage and endurance, but it is well worth the effort.

Q: Do you feel you can do more with poetry then prose?

Yes, I can do more with poetry - it is a natural gift that I discovered later in life. It was the words attached to a feeling that created an image and the words followed. I was transforming my loss identity into the new beginnings and the words set me free to express deep felt feelings of unworthiness, not lovable and helplessness that were the secret forces buried for years that became transformed into worthy, lovable and capable.

Q: What is the main focus of your poetry?

It is transformational. Knowing that there is a way, even when none seems available. The hero’s journey towards becoming it authentic self flows from each poem and offers hope through the darkness of upheaval. It invite the seeker to trust its inner guide and follow with fortitude its own inner wisdom that speaks within its heart.

Q: Do you still have your first poem that you wrote?

I have a poem from 1960 that I wrote when I was going to become a nun, I was delighted and filled with joy that I was going to become the bride of Christ. The feeling overcame me and the words flowed and the feelings slept for many years until the word vocation expanded and I no longer remained trapped in the word.

Q: What is your typical workday like?

I do not sit down and plan to write a poem at a certain time. How it works for me is that it just flows and I give it my attention. The clue is what am I feeling and what is the images that comes up to describe the feeling and then I find the words to express the feeling. Sometime I struggle to find the right word but it is not a mental activity but rather a creative activity for me.

Ancient Grandmother

You hold for all
The secret of abundance
You offer to the seed
New possibilities
Your presence stirs
Deep inner knowing
Long forgotten
Grounded in the Eternal Now
Pulsating rhythm of all

I call to you
To learn your medicine
Enfold me in Your mantle of perception
Imparting your lessons of Ancient Wisdom
Give the food to still this inner hunger
Put an end to my starvation
I long to sit near you
Learning to feast upon
 Your Mother wit
Birthing silence and growth
Where all is known.

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