Saturday, February 9, 2013

Grateful it is 2013!

 -- Thank Goodness it is 2013 ! --

I was inspired by another blogger’s post to speak about how glad I am that it is 2013, too.

The last 6 years were eventful to say the least. Starting with the decision to put our older cat Indika to sleep because she was miserable and arthritic. A few months later our beloved fur-boy Skylo was struck by a car and we had to make the decision to let him go after learning he had internal bleeding and even if they were able to fix that, he’d need a wheel chair since his back legs weren’t likely to work again.

 A few weeks later we adopted another rescue dog that came from awful and traumatizing past, and he was a handful to say the least. Onyx had fear and aggression issues, no training and didn’t know how to be a dog. So he became my full-time job. A few months later our other cat, Akasha, came down with some bone degeneration disease and we had to put her down… and then we adopted Skyla, a puppy mill rescue to help Onyx learn how to be a dog. 

A year later we visited with my chronically ill parents (mother and step-father) for the last time and learned of their suicide a few days after Christmas. After dealing with their “estate”, which took over a year of traveling back and forth for a 3-hour drive one way (6 hours round trip)… we decided not to wait any longer to live our dream because life is just too short.

So we put our house up for sale and that meant a rush of activity to have it as perfect as possible for showing to prospective buyers. While waiting for a sale, we traveled to our dream location as often as we could to scope out the real estate market and try to find a home that met our needs. It took about 7 months from putting our house up for sale to relocating to our new home. 

The new home needed pretty much everything upgraded so we spent a year getting most of the immediate necessities taken care of. Sadly Onyx’s old injuries were creeping up on him and causing him enough pain to make him grumpy and awfully reactive so we had to make the gut-wrenching, guilt ridden decision to put him to sleep. Skyla missed him a great deal and was often bored without a playmate, but because we were in the middle of developing a new business plan and launching our business under a new name in the new community and releasing new editions of our books for August ‘12, we decided to wait on any more adoptions. 

Dave also took on a full time job as a store manager so there was an adjustment period to go through for that. A few months ago we decided it was time and adopted Duchess, a surrendered 3-year-old dog from the local shelter and right around Xmas we had a surprise edition to our family, a 10 month old orange tabby short hair kitty cat that had been a stray in the neighborhood all summer. The last month or so we’ve been getting the final spaying and vaccinations finished up at the vets. As soon as those expenses are dealt with we will be getting back to some house projects that were put on hold.

Whew! Although we have plans to release at least one book this year, I do believe that 2013 will bring some relief to the hectic life we’ve had over the last 6 years. I can hardly wait to start on our new garden space and just play in the dirt there. 

-- Conscious Living Event -- 

Pacific Beach, California, USA. - The inaugural Rose Creek Fest in San Diegoís Mission Bay Park will take place on Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Campland on the Bay (2211 Pacific Beach Drive). Brought to you by San Diego EarthWorks (the producers of the San Diego Earth Day Fair) with their partners Friends of Rose Creek and Campland on the Bay, this free event will have music, entertainment, barbeque, art, activities and displays that are unique to Rose Creek and its surrounding communities.

The Rose Creek Fest offers its participants a rare chance to help restore the Mission Bay marshes located near the mouth of Rose Creek. The last remaining original wetlands in Mission Bay Park, this marsh reserve is normally closed to the public to protect the sensitive habitat for wildlife. However, due to its location near the base of a highly urbanized creek system and the Bayís circulation, the marsh accumulates large amounts of trash and non-native plants. 

Mark your calendar today for this free, family-friendly event. You can learn more about the event, the marsh cleanup and volunteer opportunities at

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