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New Year's Resolutions for a Happier Heart

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While some choose to shed some pounds or learn a new sport this year, I still say there’s no better resolution than to have a happier heart for 2013. If you are one with me in creating a positive vibe for your heart and mind, here’s a short list of simple ways that can inspire happiness and touch the people around you.

Be kind
Pour little acts of kindness and service to people who need a helping hand. Offer a seat to an older lady in a crowded train, help your new neighbor carry her things to the apartment, or help your mom with the dishes every time you visit. One good deed lessens the burden in our hearts, and the hearts of those around us.

Become a volunteer
If you want to go out and help more people, one good idea is becoming a volunteer. There are various organizations you can connect with. You can choose to volunteer for a hospital, orphanage, elderly home, or less-fortunate families - it’s your choice.

Start a gratitude journal
Being aware of your present abundance makes you forget what you think your life lacks. This year, start a gratitude journal and write down one thing that you are grateful for once a week. When you feel blue, all you have to do is flip through the pages, and the gloom will fade away.

Say thanks
Have you ever felt happy saying “thank you” to someone else? You might not haven’t noticed but giving thanks can make people happier, strengthens relationships, reduces stress, and improves an individual’s overall health. So, whether it’s to the bagger from the grocery, or the lady in the salon, or the waiter in the coffee shop, say thanks. It will work wonders.

Smile more often
You may have heard this countless times but I will say it again because it’s true. Smiling can bring the sunshine back into your cloudy heart. A study published in Psychological Science shows that smiling can actually influence a person’s physical state. Furthermore, it relaxes the facial muscles and reduces the body’s response to stress.

Forgive and accept
Do you have unresolved issues with your relatives or friends? This year, make it a point to make rebuild broken bridges. No matter how the conflict started, make the first move in mending the relationship back together. Less enemies means more happiness.

Reconnect with old friends
Do you remember who you used to hang out with in the cafeteria during elementary, middle or high school? Do you still communicate with them? Now’s the year to reconnect with old friends, schoolmates and acquaintances. Using powerful people search tools can help you find anyone from your past.

Can you give us another way to have a happy heart this year?

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