Wednesday, February 20, 2013

World of Writing, interview

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“I think there needs to be more positive writing, I wouldn’t want to censor anyone – I wouldn’t want to read something negative, but I do feel that there needs to be more positive writing. …Being able to share your voice – that is just crucial - and being able to have conversations about it. …The main thing is not to be discouraged… I think a lot of people feel that if unless they get published or have a rejection that they are just no good and don’t have anything worthy to say -and they give up. …And that is probably the worst thing you can do. If it brings you joy and you even impact just one person – that is huge! …You will not fail unless you give up.”

Sally Marks

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Dec 4… titled: Erase Negativity fromyour Life

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 -- World of Writing --

Helena Fairfax was born in Uganda and came to England as a child.  Nowadays she lives in an old Victorian mill town in Yorkshire, right next door to windswept Brontë country.  When she’s not tramping the moors with her crazy rescue dog, you’ll either find Helena creating romantic heroes and heroines or with her nose firmly buried in a book, enjoying someone else’s stories.  MuseItUp Publishing ( will publish her first novel, The Silk Romance, in May. You can visit Helena at 

Q: Why did you decide to write?

A: I’ve loved reading books ever since I was a child.  I love the way a book can transport you into a totally different world, and I’d always thought how marvelous it would be to be able to create a new world myself.  Actually sitting down to write, though, takes self-confidence and self-discipline, and I’m indebted to my husband for encouraging me to do the hard part - putting words on paper. 

Q: Where did you find all the sources for your research?

A: The setting for my debut novel, The Silk Romance, is a silk mill in the French city of Lyon.  I studied in Lyon many years ago, so knew the setting.   I also spent some time working in a woolen mill in Yorkshire, and I know a lot about the weaving process. By coincidence, the silk-weaving district of Lyon is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and so is Saltaire, the old woolen mill town where I now live, in Yorkshire.

Q: Are you happy and satisfied with your publisher?

A: Yes, very!  MuseItUp is a Canadian publisher and only a couple of years old, but they are going from strength to strength.  I particularly love the supportive community atmosphere and the commitment to each individual author.

Q: What do you think about electronic-publishing?

A: I think it has revolutionized the publishing industry, particularly in my genre, romantic fiction, and I welcome e-publishing as both a writer and a reader.  It has given a platform to authors who might otherwise never have received recognition.

Q: What do you do when you are not writing?

A: I have a rescue dog that was badly treated and is now very nervous, and can be aggressive.  I’m trying to train her, and we spend a lot of time on the moors where we don’t see too many people.  I’m always thinking of my next stories, though, even when up to my knees in mud in the blustery Yorkshire weather!

Q: In the editing and re-writing process prior to publication, did you have to delete a portion of the book that you wish could have been included?

A: My editor at Muse didn’t ask me too change too much, but prior to sending the book off I did a lot of self-editing.  There were passages of dialogue I’d written which I’d thought were witty and entertaining, but they did nothing to advance the plot and were irrelevant, so I had to force myself to delete them.  I hated it!

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Dave and Lillian. I enjoyed Sally Marks quote above my interview. It was many years before I was published. Now besides The Silk Romance I have a second novel, The Antique Love, due out this year and am working on a third. What Sally says is true - keep writing, don't give up, and most of all - enjoy it!

  2. I remember well, that blustery Yorkshire weather, Helena. Can't wait for your book to be published, sounds like a good read.

  3. Enjoyed your interview, Helena. A fellow Muse.

  4. I know how you feel taking out parts that you've written. I've taken it out and saved it somewhere else just in case I change my mind. I never do. I can't wait to read your book. And I hope someday I can walk around on the moors.

  5. May can't come soon enough for me, am dying to read The Silk Romance! Sounds just up my street!

  6. Thanks Cheryl and Mary! Glad you made it by here - good to hear from you!


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