Monday, February 4, 2013

Youth with Attitude = Altitude

 -- Quote of the Day -- 

“{re: today’s youth} If they can conceive it and believe it, 
they can achieve it. 
They must know it is not their aptitude 
but their attitude that will determine their altitude.” 

~ Jesse Jackson

-- Brummet's In the Media --

I am thrilled to announce that today - Wednesday, Feb. 4th - an article I wrote will go live at 5 a.m. EST on Darcia Helle's A Word Please blog. She is doing a special event called the Criminal Justice Series running through the month of February. She has several guests lined up besides myself including: "an ex-homicide detective, a young woman whose drug addiction landed her in prison where she had her baby, that young woman's mother, a psychologist, a lawyer, and a journalist who worked the criminal beat" (quoted from Darcia's email).  

My article published today will speak from a victims point of view surviving a troubled childhood and difficult family issues, developing a friendship with and caregiving for parents and more. 

I hope that you have a chance to read this article and leave a comment there on Darcia's blog or here on this blog - we'd love to hear reader responses. Also, if you enjoy this piece, please do share it via those social networking buttons on Darcia's blog :)

Simply click on this direct link to the article... or visit the other link below to find the A Word Please blog:  (article)   (main page of the blog)

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