Saturday, March 30, 2013

Alternative BioFuels and Rainforest news

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Rainforests are very unique in that they are very diverse – you may find in a mid-western forest a 15-20 tree species in a couple of acres, but in a rainforest you will find 4-500 distinct tree species. …Rainforests cover about 2% of the surface on the planet but they may have in those forests 50-60% of the species on the planet. They circle both sides of the equator. They are parallel to most of the corral reefs on the planet, so if you have a situation where the rainforests are being removed and loose the filtration they do, you may find that the corral reefs along the equator (which is where most of the species in the ocean come from the corral reefs) may start to disappear as well. …They are coupled together so if you lose one, you lose the other. …There are so many species yet undiscovered. …It is about overcoming and embracing the challenge – not to shy away from the challenge. …Those challenges stretch you and make you a better person. …it is like climbing a mountain; you don’t look up, you don’t look down you just put one foot forward and eventually you’ll reach the top. …You can’t just think about it – you have to actually do it. …Really become educated and verbalize your stance on the position – social media today is a huge opportunity for people to get involved. There are numerous blogs addressing environmental issues we can follow. …Our consumption is critical to these issues - understand where what you consume comes from… consumption is really what this is all about. Avoid fast food products – in general fast food products come from stripped rainforest lands that are not sustainable… and those areas become savannas. …Reuse, recycling and consuming less impacts portfolios, and you can put your money in sustainable investments.”

~ Lucian Sparato

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on January 10 … titled: Protecting the Rainforest

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-- Positive News -- 
I learned from that in Fresno County (California, USA) there is a new test project for growing beets which will be created into ethanol. The beets will be inter-planted with existing almond orchards and grape fields utilizing soil space more efficiently. Beets can actually yield more than twice the ethanol of corn; additionally corn requires a lot more fertilizers, richer soil and needs a lot more water to grow. The reason why this test project is so exciting is that ethanol, as a bio-fuel, burns cleaner then petroleum fuels - and can help reduce our dependance on foreign oil and harmful oil extraction practices like Fracking. If successful farmers will be able to inter-plant these energy yielding beets and still run a sustainable, profitable business. Bio-fuels can also be produced from food processing and harvesting waste, spoiled hay or straw, manure and wood pulp.

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