Saturday, March 23, 2013

Business & Alternative Energy

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“This is something you have to consider when building your platform: Who is your competition? …You always have to moving, you always have to be creating, you have to blog and do social media work – you know blogs are a great way to build a community… and so you have to be doing something new all the time, both physically and on the Internet. …You can hire this done if you have a budget – you can go to Fiver and it is amazing to see what people will do for $5. …The importance of a mentor – Any time you are going to do something new, whatever you are going to do, it really pays to find a mentor and benefit from what they have already done.” 

~ Robin Jay

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Jan 8… titled: Building and MaintainingBusiness Relationships

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 -- Positive News -- 

It is interesting to note that geothermal heat pump installations have risen by 43% since 2010 in Japan alone, 25% more then last year. With subsurface warming trends due to Urban Heat Island effect …there is greater potential for geothermal energy collection for supplying energy for homes, offices and for city mechanisms such as street lighting.

 Urban Heat Island Effect, a.k.a. Urban Greenhouse Effect, is a term used to describe the greater temperatures in communities due to heat absorbing tar, concrete and asphalt combined with Urban Glare Effect that comes from shiny surfaces – like white painted houses, shiny roofs, reflections off glass and so on. 

Speaking of alternative energy – a new technology has just been announced that involves weaving spherical solar cells into a thread that can be used to create energy-generating textiles. How cool is that?

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