Saturday, April 6, 2013

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-- Quote of the Day -- 

“When a person has a mental health challenge, we need to discover who is the person that suffers from the illness – stigma tends to de-humanize the person, we need to see them as a person. …Sometimes these are genetic based diseases, and by seeing them as consumers with challenges we can see them as innocents. We can’t put any blame on them; we can’t judge them. They are simply people with challenges that we may not have. …We have to back off on the stigma of mental illness. …Including them, they need to be part of the community as well. …Who ever told us or thought of the idea that the organs of the body get sick but that is only true from the neck down. But the brain is an organ – it means there is just another consumer out there with some health problems.”

~ Steve Brannon

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on January 17, '13… titled: The Stigma of MentalIllness

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-- Conscious Living Event -- 
Apr 6
Worm Compost Workshop
Location: Berry Hill 75 Burwell Rd. St. Thomas ON Canada
Info: Entrance by donation, fundraising for the St. Thomas Community Gardens
-- Poetry -- 
April is poetry month - as such I thought it would be interesting to periodically share some of the poetry either Dave or I have written this month. Today will be the first one I share. 
This poem was published in my first book of poetry - Towards Understanding - and was written in about 3 minutes after an emotional visit to a neighbor's apartment when she shared how MS affected her family, and the bitterness she often felt. 



Of yesterday, I dream.
The happiness then, it seemed,
Would never really end.
Yet now, to live – I must pretend.
Helplessly, I slowly die.
In pain, I stumble, I fall…
My mind is slipping away…
My movements jerk and sway.
My children and husband have gone,
Leaving me to suffer alone.
Afraid, I hover in my dreams,
For I’ve only my walker, on which to lean.
There’s so much I would change…
…Times I’d rearrange…
All my possessions I’d gladly give,
If one more yesterday, I could live.
I would a cure to come,
To save my defenseless corpse.
As this disease eats my muscles and bones,
I muffle my furious groans.
…In humiliation, I weep.
How fast this disease did creep!
And in night, I find my only haven…
My one comfort comes from sleep.
…I would to dream forever…
Where I have yesterday once more;
And never again would I have to take,
The disappointment, each morning I wake.

- Ode to Vicky, a friend and neighbor who was a victim of Multiple Sclerosis.


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