Friday, May 17, 2013

Recycled Clothing & Fabric

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“There are pockets where people are changing, but by-and-large we are losing more than gaining. I think one of the reasons why we are destroying nature is because… we see ourselves as separate. …We have this education system that wants to provide love peace and joy and purpose, but the nature of how we are trying to deliver the message in a dictatorship manor… it is just not going to work; we cannot dictate those things to one another. …Earth Time is where the magic happens – that is where we plug back into that childlike wonder. Earth Time is vital, not just for our sanity but for our happiness, our health.  It may sound strange but it doesn’t have to be a physical slowing down, so if someone is hurtling down the trail on a mountain bike they may be experiencing the same thing as someone sitting and meditating on what they see in nature. It is getting the sense of expansion, of being the wave or droplet in the ocean...  to let go without clinging to the small Self. …Wild Earth’s Children Org. is based in Colorado (US) but we travel all over; most of our programs serve 4 years old to 80 years old… the only real goal that we have is providing hands on experience in nature.”

~ Simon Harrison

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on February 5 2013… titled: Connecting with Nature

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-- Positive News -- 

The incredible volume of trash generated by mankind now has many options …from the Zero Waste R’s:  Rethink, Refuse, Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Recycle and Rot… to incineration plants. While incineration plants are not a wonderful solution, they are a temporary solution to the vast amount of garbage when we are running out of places to put it. Oslow, for instance, is a very recycle friendly city however it imports garbage from other cities and along with the garbage it generates – enables them to run a highly efficient incinerator to power most of its school and city owned buildings (court houses, city hall, etc.). The result is, of course, reducing the need for fossil fuel power sources.  In the realm of incineration plants – garbage is a highly sought after resource, one that plants will often compete over… and they are even considering shipping in garbage across the sea in order to meet their power demands. On the surface these plants seem like a good solution – but are not a long-term solution to our waste production issues on the planet. The danger in using this option is that people will feel that producing a lot of waste is now OK because it can be used to create power. People might not be as concerned with reducing waste through recycling outlets where those resources create jobs and new products reducing our impact on natural resources. Additionally, anything burned is not really a good idea – what goes in the air will come back to us and that can be quite dangerous. 

The best options available to us today are the r's of Zero Waste (listed above) - for instance, did you know that Canada throws away 200 million kg of clothing annually!? A lot of that fabric could be reused by crafters, seamstresses, quilters... and people who need rags like homemakers, cleaning staff, mechanics, artists, etc. Alternatively there are a few fabric recyclers available to choose from - some make a felt-like product out of old clothes that is used for things like carpet underlay, while other recyclers actually make a new yarn that manufacturers can employ to create new clothes and other items. Another option is to take wearable clothing and towels, etc. to the local thrift store where they can sell the items, employ local people and support local charities. Old towels and small blankets can also be taken to animal shelters.

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