Monday, June 10, 2013


Housecleaning day for me... Yesterday we finished installing the soaker hoses for the 3 raised beds (now planted with various tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, lettuce transplants and a few herbs including lemon balm, lemon basil, italian basil, thyme... raspberry and strawberry plants... and a few flowers as well. It has been a busy two weeks of sifting 2 bins of compost, amending the soil, and placing it in the newly built the beds. We also planted a rhubarb and hosta division that a neighbor gave us. Luckily we have made arrangements to get some grass from a fella who drops off a small trailer load once a week - so we've been using that for layering in the compost, mulch around the yard, and to mulch down the pathways in the developing garden. We'll start on the next batch of raised bed construction in about a week or so. 

It's been frustrating having our website down for so long - and I'm really learning to have more patience on the issue. Dave's having a heck of a time getting responses from the old server and we have to get some information from them before we can switch over to the new server - who is all set up and ready to go when we are. However one has to take these things as a sign that our energies are needed elsewhere for now. Still it is hard to accept and I have nagging circles of thoughts on the lack of ability to move forward in any way until the site is up and running again. ARRG!

So - cleaning the house today, getting some posts created for this blog, and doing a work out... that's the agenda for this day. 

Wishing all our readers the best :)

-- Brummet's In the Media -- 

Below is the link to a recent interview I did over on Fran Silverman's radio show where we discussed the responsibilities of an author, a realistic look at the craft. Click the date – May 28, 2013 – and then go to the top of the boxes where the date appears and click the button to the left.

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