Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why is it important to go green?

Today’s article was submitted to us via: Warner Carter of on behalf of the author, Paul Samuels who writes about sustainable business.

Going Green? Why?

It seems like everyone is turning a new leaf, a much greener leaf. However, is it time for your business to jump into the green bandwagon and go for a more environmentally friendly trade show? Here are some good reasons for why it’s time for your business to do just that:

1. Consumers like green companies.
Most people know that the planet earth isn’t doing so well, and since earth is our primary habitat, they also know that continuing to pollute the planet isn’t good. For this reason, consumers are always on a look-out for companies that demonstrate strong environmental responsibility. However, green washing is an all-too-common phenomenon but consumers are catching up, so make sure that you have actual facts and figures to support your green claim.

2.  A green future is inevitable.
The EPA, in collaboration with the Green Meetings Industry Council, is beginning to draft standards that relate to the trade show industry, which businesses will have to abide by. In fact, it’s just an issue of time as to when the changes and new rules will be instituted. Instead of being caught blind-sided when changes become mandatory, why not make the conscious decision to start making changes as early as now?

3. Being green is cost-effective.
While some people think that being green actually costs more money, in the long run, the costs will begin to pay itself. Instead of buying a new booth every single time you have an exhibit, why not save the skeleton of your existing booth and simply add new exteriors? To lessen transportation costs, use light materials and try to source your materials suppliers in the area where the trade show will be. Lastly, before you buy anything to be used for the exhibit, ask this question – is it recyclable?

4. It’s easier to go green now more than ever.
Just a couple of years ago, it was extremely hard for businessmen to go for green trade show exhibits. However, the business has boomed in just a short span of time. This means that if you have been itching to make the green switch, then now is the best time to do so. Find green show displays at:

5. You cannot afford to be behind.
If you have failed to understand the benefits of going green, then I’m pretty sure that your competition has and you’ll be the last person to make the switch, failing to realize all of the advantages of going green.

* To find more environmental information visit:
OR take a look at or Trash Talk - It's Easy To Be Green book series:  

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