Saturday, August 10, 2013

Container gardening in limited space

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“With sculpting, you can switch in another head, arms and legs can be switched in easily but the core of the model is really where the main energy of the person is; where there soul is or the state of being. …How the body positioned in terms of the inclination of the rib cage and the pelvis because they tell the story of that individual’s unique way of perceiving things. The sculpture becomes a collaborative effort between the model and myself because I am translating what I see but I am also using that life model individual unique body part to make my art. …As an artist, you have to make art that is really amazing that blows people out of the water, your art has to stand alone, it has to be really impressive. …You have to learn how to use the Internet to expose your work to a larger number of people – photography plays a big role here, through lighting and perspective you can make dramatic pictures. …You don’t want to get attached to your art – you need to be able to sell it so that you can make more art… so that you don’t get so attached to the piece you’ve put so much time into. …iphones are great because you can store all these pictures of your art and so when somebody asks you what you do you can pull out the phone and show them images of what you do. …You have to promote yourself shamelessly to everyone you meet. …It is a great time in the realm of art, but you have to take personal initiative.”

~ Traci Slatton / Sabin Howard

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on April 4, 2013… titled: The World of Art

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-- Gardening Tip --

Yesterday we posted some interesting garden tips for you and of course once I get chatting about gardening you have to shake me to get me to shut up! lol
I wanted to share one more tip today... 

Limited space but want to grow some herbs anyway? 

Take a few of the larger tin cans, be sure they are clean and then file the edge where you’ve removed the lid earlier to remove any sharp edges. Paint in your own special style using reclaimed paint at the paint exchange depot or at the reuse center. Turn the can upside down and using a hammer and nail poke a few holes on the bottom, using a larger nail poke a two holes about two inches apart and ¼ inch down from the top of the can. Using the top two holes, tie a strong, thin cord long enough to hang from just the right height where you want it to. Fill the can with potting soil, add any herb you like – appropriate for the conditions, i.e. mint, cilantro, parsley would like a more dappled shade area whereas sage, rosemary, oregano would like a more sunny location. Keep in a region where it will be easy and convenient to harvest from, and to water regularly. These smaller containers will dry out easily, so try to shade from full sun and expect to water a few times a day in the heat of summer. Larger cans will hold more water and provide better growing conditions for your plants. You can also do this same craft idea with plastic buckets such as honey buckets, peanut butter jars, etc. – although you’ll want to use a drill to create the holes instead of a hammer and nail, and you’ll need to give the plastic exterior a light sanding so the paint has something to stick to.

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