Friday, September 20, 2013

Healthy Ponds and Lakes

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Keeping Your Ponds and Lakes Well


Many property owners struggle with keeping their ponds or lakes clean, controlled and presentable. At times it can become very confusing and hard to manage an entire lake, especially for just one person. Making sure there is just the right amount of fish in a pond, and any other type of lake management can be daunting for one person. That’s why many people leave it up to a team of experts that have had experience in managing lakes and ponds for many years. There are several important things to keep in mind before you, as a property owner can consider taking the lakes duties on by yourself:

1. Every Lake Is Unique
Every lake and pond is unique; they each have their very own set of problems and ways to maintain that. While the concept of lake management might seem like a relatively easy thing to find solutions to, each lake is different and therefore, someone with very little experience might have a very hard time finding the right ways to fix those problems. Each lake and pond has to be managed differently than the next as each could have its very own type of algae, or a unique ecosystem with different fish. Someone with very little information on how to manage a lake or pond will have a very hard time keeping up with the fish and water quality.
2. Water Quality
Most water quality concerns are actually caused by humans. People can cause all sorts of problems for lakes and ponds. Many times, a fishing boat will carry in algae that is from a different lake, sometimes from one out of state, that will cause the entire lake to get sick because of how quickly it can spread. This can be challenging as each lake has a unique ecosystem that is very fragile. It’s not just the algae that a property owner will have to worry about, but also the erosion and chemical poisoning that can happen by mishaps. Keeping the lake clear of these different problems is best left up to a team of professionals.
3. Fish Stocking
One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing whether or not to try to handle lake management by yourself is the amount of effort that it can take to stock fish properly. Keeping fish stocked is not as easy as it sounds. Having too many of one species or not enough of another can hurt your pond’s unique and fragile ecosystem. Making sure that your lake is the proper style for different types of fish that you want to stock is vital to the success of your lake and keeping up with specific laws regarding these fish is very important.
Although you might wish to have total control over your lake or pond, it’s almost always best to leave the maintenance up to a professional. This can actually take a lot of stress off of you as you try to handle all the legal and ethical business decisions for your lake.

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