Monday, September 30, 2013

Humor and Education

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Dave :)

== Quote of the Day ==

 “You need enough insurance in place to cover your assets. …It is when the person doesn’t return phone calls, ignores the person or makes comments under their breath - and that is when people get upset, they get angry and that prompts a lot of claims against the individual or company. …Training your employees how to address that situation, how to look out for the customer, this goes a long way in the potential of that customer making a claim down the line. …No matter what your employee does or when they do it, it will always reflect on the business. If they are not in the place or scope of business and are on their own time, in their own vehicle – their actions will still reflect on the business and the other people they work with. …Keep in mind that sometimes the best rate is not the best rate. Sometimes the coverage with one carrier is cheaper but the value of the insurance is not there. …Have a good operations manual that is shared in the office so the staff know what to do in various situations, what the hierarchy or chain of command is… have those discussed once or twice a year – when you do that you ensure yourself that your staff can react appropriately, and if there was a claim against you, you may have to give a disposition they will ask you about your policy and whether you were prepared, and that you did everything you could.”  

~ Joseph Lowman

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on April 23, 2018 … titled: business & liability insurance

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On a lighter note I'd like to point you to a few entertaining and interesting videos:

You've probably heard of the effects of playing positive music and speaking positively to plants - how they grow healthier, more robust and produce more... this video is about how thoughts affect water molecules, dramatization of an interesting scientific study:

I couldn't figure out how to post these here on my blog, from the FaceBook  site, but there are two videos posted on my facebook as well - A humorous look at technology woes for those with heavy accents - and a second one that will have pet lovers giggling for days... check them out at:

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