Monday, September 9, 2013

Xenon & LED Lighting

The Miracle of Xenon and LED Bulbs

The entry of xenon and LED bulbs is really a miracle – a revolution in the world of lighting. The bulbs last longer and rarely need to be replaced. The vision from these bulbs is clearer as compared with that from halogen bulbs; the wattage use is the same.
These bulbs can project any of the rainbow colors and are being used in practically all the latest gadgets. It has started to edge out incandescent bulbs as well as the fluorescent variety of lamps. In function together with aesthetics xenon and LED bulbs have brought about a revolution for greening the planet. Voltage consumption is low and the bulbs do not emit much heat, and they are recyclable. These bulbs are narrower in focus and brighter than the CFL bulbs. Research is going on in full swing. In the near future the bulbs will become considerably cheaper.
 Xenon, a chemical compound - actually a gas - that is colorless, quite heavy and odorless. Its symbol is XE and its atomic number is 54. Among the noble gases it is the first that has been synthesized. Xenon is now being widely used in devices that emit light. The space shuttle Atlantis was bathed with xenon lights. In high pressure sodium lamps xenon functions as a starter-gas.
The LED bulbs of today can be programmed from before and an easy light touch can change the setting. These are best used in mobile phone chargers. When the bulbs are coated with filters the light gets scattered and is soft. 
These bulbs are ideal as brake indicators for motor vehicles. Quick signals are relayed to the drivers. This means the driver reacts faster and the roads become safer. Xenon and LED bulbs improves night vision as the light that is emitted is like daylight; this relieves the driver from fatigue associated with driving in the darkness. The spreading out of the light to embrace the entire stretch of the road ahead reduces accident chances. The focus of the driver is improved as it alleviates stress on the eyes.  
LED bulbs are used now quite commonly found in television sets – LCD models - and computers, power cords, and many other devices. They are also ideal for fast growing of indoor plants. While Xenon bulbs are ideal as sidelight bulbs and for film projectors.
From where will you get this wonder bulb? In this Internet Age you will not have to knock around the market but sitting in the private comfort of your own niche at home or office in front of the computer just do a search on keywords such as: " car headlight bulbs, LED bulb, LED bulbs, LED car bulbs, LED light bulbs, Xenon bulbs, or LED lighting". A whole global market of xenon and LED bulbs will open up before you that you can choose from. If you opt to purchase from online stores you can usually track the delivery as well. ...So go ahead - Light up your life with these miracle bulbs.

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  1. Nice blogs. This really good to read your post. LED lights are playing vital role in electronics sector.

  2. LED light is a kind of light which is free from UV and IR effects. Thus it is saving us from many those harmful effects.

    1. An excellent point. We had switched over to CFL's and now, as these burn out in the future, we'll be moving over to LED's - which are more expensive to be sure, but have a longer life and as you say are healthier for us. Thanks for commenting!

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    1. So true and if we use the right kinds of lighting for the tasks performed in the areas around our home, we don't have to have huge amounts of bulbs going at once... just using lighting where we need it is a wonderful way to use energy more efficiently. I appreciate your comment!

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