Saturday, October 19, 2013


-- Poetry --

Occasionally I like to share some of my published poetry here on this blog. I have in fact another book of poetry coming out this winter, however these 2 poems were excerpted from my first book - Towards Understanding, a collection of 125 poems.


There’s knowledge in abundance, all around.
Seems to be easily tripped over and found.
Yet just can’t seem to get enough:
To get anywhere seems so very tough.
Just have to reach out and grab it
Have to make positive attitude a habit.
Wanna do so very much
Just desire the winner’s touch.
So very impatient in a hurry,
And let myself too often worry.
Suppose, in time, it will all come.
Pray it happens, before my time has gone.
Life’s crazy humour of surprise,
Teaching me to fairly compromise.
Try to do the best I can,
And keep from following every day men.
Will do whatever I think is best
And if I fail, will I still pass the test?
My goal is to love and to learn,
To accomplish what I now yearn,
To leave my footprints on life’s crazy trail,
And against all else, I will prevail.

- At this time I was beginning to feel empowered; I was completing the university level of grade 12 and taking hospitality management courses while thinking about a career in biology/ecology.


I can’t go on like this,
Thinking of what I’ve missed
And blaming those who could have given
A more stable life, a better life.
Can’t dwell on being alone;
But there is nothing else I’ve known.
The love of someone, a friend.
These things I don’t see, because I don’t share.
I’ve become so good at a game called pretend
That I don’t know what’s real any more.
I often feel frustrated because no one sees this;
And because I can’t seem to get life right.
People are so hard to understand and like.
And traditional values blind my flight.
I’m lost and confused,
In a rotting world.
I’m feeling so small
Like a forgotten little girl
A bad girl - a banished girl.

- It was at this time that I realized that it was up to me to stop the festering inner wounds that I carefully nurtured along. I realized I could let it go and not hurt anymore... but had not quite made that step yet.

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