Monday, October 28, 2013


-- Poetry --

Occasionally I like to share some of my published poetry here on this blog. I have in fact another book of poetry coming out this winter, however these 2 poems were excerpted from my first book - Towards Understanding, a collection of 125 of the best poems I'd written between the ages of 16 - 25 or so. *I have a new book coming out this winter with poetry written from 25-42 years of age.



Soft, shallow music flowing,

Birds whispering their quiet, undemanding love,

Lustrous trees bending to the powerful wind

That’s just outside my door - evermore.

Can’t you hear the music from where you stand?

The echoed chirps of love?

Can you feel the wind blowing, my friend?

Just outside my open door – evermore.

Inside the open door

Is a small, neat, cozy mat.

And on its face clearly written: welcome.

To your right is a place for your hat.

Inside my door - evermore.

Yes, I’ve been hurt, and burned, and stepped on too.

And even cried tears, just like you.

You are safe inside my door.

Look - open your eyes and see.

No pressure, no pain, no cutting words.

Things to be left in the outside world.

Look again - my friend,

No accusations, no consolations.

Only fascination in what you have to say.

We can talk or sit in silence; inside my open door.

We can love, lust, or like - whichever you prefer.

…But in honesty, my friend - evermore.

My door opens to a sanctuary that I built alone, in full control.

And no matter where I live, or how,

It always holds on to part of my soul.

Inside my door, it’s so damn easy to give.

And inside my door, life isn’t so hard to live - anymore.

So come on in, step inside the door.

When you are ready, it will be held in store.

My door is open, for you - evermore


Today I cried

Bearing all my pain

Forming puddles in vain.

Wishing it all away;

To be able to enjoy,

And not be afraid.

Today I cried,

And yesterday as well

But now my eyes are aching,

And have begun to swell

Becoming empty voids of confusion.

Getting harder and colder with each passing night.

Tell me what’s the use of crying?

And what’s the use of pain?

When every day seems to bring the same;

Just vicious circles of unaccountable shame!

*Author's Note: Shame and confusion, emotional numbness – these are feelings a victim of sexual abuse will go through until they come to terms with what happened to them, and learn to forgive themselves for being human, for being the “one” that was chosen for the unwanted attention.

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