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Product Review

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 Zax's Original Creams connected with me back on September 12th regarding reviewing this Canadian company’s natural skincare products. Their products help customers find natural relief from dark circles under the eyes, facial redness, dark spots, heal pain, and more. By September 17th we had confirmed which products I was to review, they were shipped out later that week and I received them by October 2nd .

This company had one of the fastest shipping I’ve seen; the products arrived in a cardboard shipping box with recyclable packaging – however I didn’t notice until a tube was empty that the tube itself is not recyclable, though the plastic cap can be recycled with other plastics. As you can probably tell, I am passionate about eco-friendly products, and found it comforting that because I live in Canada and the product is made in Canada, there is little shipping involved. 

I received Zax’s Original Heelspur Cream (retail $18.99 Canadian), Facial Redness Cream (retail $18.99 Canadian), and Darkspot Cream (retails for $29.99 Canadian). The product directions suggested that it could take 2-4 weeks before seeing results. I used the Darkspot and Facial Redness products from Oct 4th to 25th (only 21 days) and did indeed notice small changes. The dark spots on the side of my cheekbones were fairly light, but are now almost undetectable… the dark spot on my left forearm is also nearly disappeared, whereas the dark spot on my right forearm has only lightened. I suspect that by the time the tube is empty these spots will be nearly invisible. The redness cream definitely reduced the facial redness I have, but not by leaps and bounds… it has, though, been reduced if only to my own eyes. I am hoping that extended application will eventually reduce the redness to more of a blush or “rosy cheeks” like I used to have.

Heel Spur: (35g tube) My heels in particular have been giving me aching pain and sharp needle pain for a few years now. I’ve been keeping that at bay most of the time by being careful of my posture (both sitting and standing) elevating my feet at night, and wearing properly cushioned insoles in most of my footwear. Still if I’ve been on my feet a lot or have been working in the yard, gardening, or hiking (shoveling, pushing a wheelbarrow, walking up slopes, and squatting) it seems to awaken or aggravate the heal pain. So because of the physical activities this time of year my feet are again giving me troubles – the day the Heel Spur Cream arrived I was able to try it out while watching a movie that night. I used about 1 ½ tsp. of the thick white cream on the entire foot and ankle area and then covered with socks to avoid wiping any unabsorbed cream on the couch. I only did one application that night, although the directions state that up to 3 applications a day is recommended, but to avoid rubbing eyes after applying with your hands or rubbing into wounds of any kind. I experienced a comforting, slightly warm sensation and noticed a slight menthol / celery scent. This product is made from natural ingredients such as: devils claw, arnica, ginger, shea butter, alcohol and menthol which offer anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, soothing, moisturizing and cooling benefits to help relieve the pain and heal cracked, dry feet. Heel Spur also has a long, 2-year expiration date. I would love to see a larger tube as I had used 2/3 of my tube up within 5 days and ran out within 10 days.

Facial Redness Cream: (28g) I’d always been prone to blushing easily and frequently, reddening in cold weather and wind. As a young teen on my own, I did a lot of outdoor labor jobs to make ends meet, and this meant a lot of outdoor weather and sun exposure. As a young adult through to my mid 30’s I enjoyed winter activities from snowshoeing to cross country skiing – also exposing my skin to more harsh weather. As such I noticed that I started to get little spidery red veins appearing on my face that later developed into a patch-like network of veins over my nose and cheekbones under the eyes. Since then I’ve protected my face from weather extremes with additional clothing and protective creams, and day creams as well. Upon speaking to a doctor, I was told that this condition was called rosacea – and though I did not have thickened raised skin, bumps or large red vein explosions under the skin, I did have a mild form of this condition. The doctor did say there wasn’t much she could offer in regards to getting rid of the condition, but I discovered a homeopathic product called Prosacea that I’d been using at night and did see some minor results. The problem for me is remembering to use the product, and because of the night ritual of face cream and tooth brushing, etc. I found that was the best time for me to remember. But when I heard of the Facial Redness Cream – I was really interested in trying it out. This product is also made of natural ingredients like niacin amide, alcohol, sunflower oil, gorago oil, vitamin E, aloe, pine bark and green tea – which work together as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidants while improving the epidermal permeability barrier. The instructions say that after washing (and drying) the face while avoiding the eyes, massage a small amount into the face twice a day, and that it may take 2-4 weeks to see results. 

I felt a slight warm sensation for a few seconds, found there was no noticeable scent, and discovered that a very small amount goes a long way.  This product has a 3-year expiration, and while I’m still trying out this product I suspect it has out performed the Prosacea.

Darkspot Cream: (28g) is also made of all natural ingredients including licorice, aloe, alcohol, Borago seed oil, sunflower oil, vitamins B3 and E – which work together to lighten dark spots, moisturize aging skin, provide anti-oxidents, remove dead skin and protect against UV light. The product is, unlike its peers, Hydroquinone free; this chemical is thought to be a potential carcinogen and has been linked with, according to Wikipedia, a condition known as ochronosis (darkened, thickened skin). Like the redness cream, this product has a 3-year shelf life and you need to apply twice a day to affected areas for 4 weeks in order to see noticeable results. I started noticing mild darkened skin areas just below my cheekbones, on the back of my hands and forearms in my early 40’s.  I’d been unaware as to why these were there or what to do about it, but after being introduced to this cream I did an online search and found that these darkened skin spots commonly appear in one’s early 40’s and are usually due to sun exposure. While I’ve not yet reached the one-month mark, I’ve already experienced visible results and am quite impressed with the product.

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