Saturday, November 2, 2013

positive news

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-- Quote of the Day -- 

Re: social media/power of individual:  

 “…I put the word out through my social networking circles about sending warm scarves to kids  in a village in Pakistan – people from all over the states, from Canada …started knitting scarves. I had over a hundred scarves which I managed to package up and send to Pakistan… and they were eventually distributed to this tiny village and the photographs were sent back to me. It was astounding to me that my blog served this purpose – so you just never know what happens with social media. …I was on twitter and learned that the animals in a (Libian) zoo were dying because they didn’t have clean water or food or care – so I went to my circles on twitter and we all gathered funds that were sent to a reputable zoo who distributed them to the Libian zoo in the middle of the war to get those animals proper care. …that is astounding! So I’m a very big fan of social media because I have send the power of the individual who can make such a difference.”

~ Kathryn Hall

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on May 5… titled: Sunday Gardening with Kathryn Hall

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-- Positive News -- 

Wonderful idea! West Japan Railway Company found a way to both revitalize small communities while taking care of weeds along the railway tracks naturally. They started a sheep project, fencing in the areas between and around the tracks where the sheep could roam and the sheep became a viable commodity for stimulating the local community. The sheep are raised with reduced feed costs due to foraging on railway lands, the railway no longer had to employ spray methods to deal with the weeds and everyone benefits financially. The sheep, amazingly enough, didn’t seem to be startled by approaching trains. They simply gathered in one place and continued grazing together.

 I’ve also read of similar projects where you can rent goat mowing services – the owner brings the goats to your land and they mow your lawn naturally. Another aspect of this service is weed control along roadsides, etc. They simply put in temporary fencing to keep the goats from damaging native plants or landscaping plants and let them do their thing. 

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