Thursday, December 19, 2013


I'm taking the day off from the office today - ah, those golden moments of reprieve :) While I love what I do,  without occasional day's off I'd go a bit bonkers :)

I thought it would be a good time to share some poetry excerpts from my book: Towards Understanding


There is but a child in me,

Waiting to escape.

To see the wonders of the world,

And rid herself of hate.

She wants to feel joy in living,

And romantic summer eves.

She dreams of running wild,

Through autumn’s fallen leaves.

But I keep her well in side;

Afraid of experiencing pain.

She shouldn’t have to cry,

That sweet little child of mine.

- This poem is in recognition of the superficial relationships I had developed for fear of being depended on, or being disappointed. Experience teaches us, however, that by keeping ourselves locked up in a seemingly "safe" place we only relive old hurts over and over again. By breaking out of that cage we built we are of course becoming vulnerable, but we also get to enjoy new joys and spontaneous experiences that mold new memories for us. 


Wind is invisible - you cannot see it,

Yet you know it is there.

The movement of the trees and the grass,

And the movement through your hair.

Wind can never hurt you, never fear.

But it can cause things to hit you.

And when strong enough it moves

With incredible strength.

Yet in reality, physically, it is nothing.

Gossip: like wind, cannot hurt you in itself,

It can move others - if it is strong enough,

It can be uncontrollable and unpredictable

Yet in reality, physically, it is nothing.

- At this time I was dealing with work-place gossip where as soon as one person was out of ear shot others would start nattering about him or her. After being shown the gossip side of workplace life, I was first angered by it and this seemed to reinforce my belief that people were in general untrustworthy and vengeful. However as time continued to flow by it dawned on me that other people's words were in fact powerless -gossip only had power if I give it power, if I put meaning or strength behind it. 

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