Friday, January 24, 2014


-- Quote of the Day -- 

Re: song writing process:

“Whenever I am in a studio and we discuss a new song, I like to search out songs that talk about real life experiences – that people can find some deeper meaning to the song. Writing a song is pretty tedious between getting the lyrics right and creating the music. …You have to make yourself vulnerable (when writing songs) and so if your lyrics don’t make sense or you feel they aren’t very good you can’t let yourself get mad about it because it is a trial and error process.”  

~ Josey Milner
Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on June 30… titled: Musicians Making a Difference 

 (*Click on the title to access the full discussion)

-- Poetry -- 

As you have seen from previous posts I occasionally like to share some of my own poetry here on this blog... Here are a couple that I thought might interest our readers:


Governments are fundamentally unsustainable for our nation.
Sweetened words rot while panels point fingers in every direction.
Implicitly implying our hunger, our homes are worth the risk.
Ensuring the dependents and unproductive ones suffer most,
Our society initially caused this appendage host.
Small islands, we like to call parks, become our only wild lands.
Murdering creative spirits, society crushes and smears the people.
Children, not even safe from their own family members,
Are taught to conform to patterns acceptable to the masses.
Struggling to directionalize their aim -- its there, but there it’s not.
Living lives in contradiction - confinement where the spirit soars.
Keeping open receptors; we armor our selves with our only swords.
Those bright neon lights meant to aid our choice in direction,
Only blend in the masses of society’s blinking illuminations.
Our culture collision ridicules all beliefs while entwining them all.
And peacefully inflicting our belief of justice and virtues on one another,
Our own violence and war feeds our senseless economy and dependence.
And finding a tiny flower in a crack between cement and men,
We become inspired to save it.

- A poet's right is to sometimes get creative with words, even creating our own word... you'll find "Contradiction" has some of this.


Each of us is motivated either by intuition or self-servance.
Dented and buffered by our distinct memories,
Which are shaped by our context of experience,
We struggle to find understanding in structured society.
Who says structure has anything to do with reason?
Society is really based on what we do not know.
Yet we generously share knowledge internationally.
So understanding little we grope for leaders, heroes
When what we need are active citizens.
Un-stifled imagination - it is the tool of certainty.
One era’s ethics only corrupt future generations.
Nonconformity is an insult, a sign of disloyalty to society
But does true knowledge belong only to scholars?
True understanding comes not from a degree.
Not from stretching our small mouths to fit,
A vocabulary we are meant to recite.
We are the heroes that we seek. You and I.
What are you doing in your life? That is where it lies.
Does this mean money? I think not.
Does it mean good deeds? Maybe.
I believe it lies in understanding and accepting – before judging or acting.
It lies in the heart - in the mind
Settled in self and matter around us.
A society of followers, of conformists, of memorizers and repeaters.
Why repeat what has been done before?
Be a hero.
Act today.

  * You can find these poems and more than 100 others that I created in the book: Towards Understanding -

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