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Product Review

 -- Product Review -- 

Being involved in the world of natural health since my 20’s I’m quite familiar with the benefits of taking omega fatty acid supplements. I tended to avoid animal based sources in the past focusing instead on hemp and flax seed, etc. sourced supplements out of fears of the issues with our oceans – pollutants tainting fish and the fact that a lot of pollutants and toxins are stored away in fats. However after reading information sent by my contact Dan Adams (Marketing Manager), I learned that fish harvested from certain areas do not have as much exposure to toxins and pollutants. According to Dan, the Wiley's Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil brand is a little over one year old, the company is a family run facility based in OH, US; they are expanding both their online and wholesale presence, and they offer both soft gels and liquid products for customers.  

It is a little known fact that only a small portion of the world’s population gets enough omega-3 nutrition levels (there are 7 types of omega-3 group) and these oils are really important for healthy skin, nails and hair, but also for nervous disorders, eczema, allergies and many other ailments including heart conditions and joint stiffness. Common results claimed by people taking these products for at least 15-30 days include increased energy and brain function. I could use both! (lol) So I agreed to try the product out.

Our original communications started back on Nov. 1st and I received a bottle of their product on Nov. 20; shipped in 6X10 inch recyclable cardboard box - the box had the company logo and URL printed on the side making for easy identification… I have a lot of things shipped to me for the radio show or blog, and also products that I’ve agreed to review, most of the time I don’t know what is in the box until I open it. As you can see from the images, along with a bottle of their Wild Alaskan Fish Oil product, I received a fridge magnet and a pen – both look to be made from recycled and natural materials as well.

Certified sustainable seafood ( harvesting fisheries (considered to be the best managed fisheries in the world) provide the wild-caught Alaska Pollock and /or Pacific Whiting for Wiley’s Finest. The company’s products are 100% US sourced and produced, and have been tested by the Public Health and Safety Organization for purity and quality.

One of the first things I noticed was that the safety seal was easy to peel off and the plastic cap was really easy to open and close. In fact the plastic cap felt quite durable… I can’t tell you how many times other snap open caps wore out and snapped off!  I also noticed right away that the mini soft gel pills were really easy to swallow. Each serving (2 pills) contains 630 MG of EPA and DHA omega-3 oils.

The product is contained in a recyclable amber tinted glass bottle (tinting helps prevent nutrient damage due to exposure to natural light) contains 60 soft gels. The packaging for the bottle is also recyclable and looks to have 100% post consumer recycled content (paper fibers recycled from the manufacturing industries, as opposed to household or office paper recycled products). The shelf life is actually several years, before the seal is broken at least.

Ingredients include concentrated fish oil, omega-3 ethyl esters (a form of DHA and EPA’s that prevent “fishy burp back” issues, are more easily absorbed by the body, and stay fresher longer), gelatin, glycerin, purified water, and natural mixed tocopherols (fat soluble antioxidants with vitamin E properties).

What you won’t find: no sugar, gluten, starch, yeast, wheat, dairy, artificial flavors or colors, nuts, shellfish, soy or corn. The company carefully filters out environmental contaminants first by choosing fish harvested from areas where there is the least amount of pollution, and distilling and filtering the oils to remove mercury, lead, cadmium, pesticides, PCB’s, dioxins, arsenic, etc.

Besides caring about the recycled content and recyclability of their containers and shipping materials, the company goes a step further in supplying excess fatty acids removed during the process of concentrating Omega-3 supplements to SoyMet. *From their site: “SoyMet manufactures and distributes biodiesel made from these leftover fatty acids. Biodiesel reduces particulate emissions that cause smog, it provides necessary lubrication to diesel engines, and is a sustainable, cost-effective alternative energy source for transportation. These fuels are stable, viable alternatives to using petroleum-based diesel for trucking and transportation.”

Special Discount Offer: Visit the products page on their site to view coupons they have available fore their customers offering up to $3 discounts or browse their blog. Our blog readers are invited to try Wiley’s Finest products at a 20% discount – upon checkout,, simply use the promo code: BLOGGER

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